Ganessa James Bio

I think I was born loving music.

I probably started singing in the womb, harmonizing with my twin sister Tiffany James.

I know I soaked up music like a sponge, sang all the time as a kid, and eventually went on to join acapella groups in the schools I went to. Singing harmony felt like sustenance.

When I was nineteen, I bought my first bass and learned how to play it. When I was twenty, I bought my first acoustic guitar, and learned how to play that. I started writing and recording my songs while learning how to play my instruments.

Eventually, I played some open mics with my sister and our band Onliest. Some really cool people saw me playing bass and asked me to join their bands. I took the leap. It took me places: across the country with Saul Williams, on some of the coolest stages in New York with Onliest, Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe, Derrin Maxwell, Paul Josephs, JOI, Toshi Reagon, and across the Atlantic with Tamar-Kali and the BRC. I even played bass live on a song for Nona Hendryx in last years's Word Rock Sword event.

I've played Michfest as a solo artist and in support of some of my favorite artists, including Joan As Policewoman, and Gina Breedlove, and Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe. I put out an EP called Believer with a few acoustic ruminations, and I'm working on a new album about falling in love, being in love, looking for love (you get the picture).

It's been a pretty cool journey so far, and the music keeps coming. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned. Where the rabbit hole goes, none of us knows.

In Love and Music,

Ganessa James