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Spring 2021

Spring greetings! Winter was a challenge for me, so I took some time.
It's true that music has been the most powerful and present company I've had, especially during the cold season. It kept me hanging on, if you know what I mean. Right now, I'm feeling the return of the light now and some new inspiration information coming through. The blossoms are on their way!

Winter highlights: I would like to thank all the folks who checked out the Joe's Pub streams of Toshi Reagon's birthday concerts and Sacred Music show in January. Grateful to Toshi for continually shining a light!
And a special shout of gratitude to Be Steadwell who hosted an awesome queer sing along in February and invited me to contribute a lil something repping boy bands of the 90s. :) Be knows how to throw a party for real. Loved hearing so many awesome folks make these beautiful music offerings, and jamming with the dj. We were all in different houses, but all together. Thank you, Be.

Upcoming: catch some goodness from Toshi Reagon on March 6th, when she brings songs from Parable of the Sower Opera to the Octavia E Butler conference at St Kate's. Register HERE and catch the stream. This event is free and open to the public with registration.
More music to come - look for an announcement soon about something really cool happening in April, and you'll find me back on IG after a bit of a hiatus, offering some more music.

Keep safe, everyone!

Autumn 2020

Greetings family. Autumn season is here. It's my birthday season, and in the US, we're steamrolling towards election time in the midst of COVID. It would be a good feeling if we could all say we are able to walk safely in the world we're in. And that we could reasonably rely on help being available to us when we need it, without the tension of barter or performance. This moment exposes our vulnerability in a very clear way, as it illustrates how this vulnerability is not evenly distributed. And that's not cool. We don't really want that - the world feels better when there is less chaos, less pain, harm, tension, strain. The good news is, there are so many folks working tirelessly to turn the wheel towards justice. Educators, healthcare workers, food and land justice folks, activists, artivists, and on and on. There is a great focus on making the world well. Leading up to elections in the States, we have Indigenous People's day, we acknowledge this land that we live on with gratitude and the folks from whom it was stolen. We witness the many ways the project of this country has left a legacy of harm across communities and countries. We look out for each other in this fraught time. We can take a moment to make sure we're checked in with what's happening in our elections (especially at the local level). We register, we figure out how we're gonna vote, and then we VOTE. We say in as many ways as we can access: we're paying attention, we won't stand idly by. If you're still unsure how you're going to vote this November, please check out:

Settling into deeper presence as autumn descends here on the east coast. As for music, I'm excited to play a post election show with Toshi Reagon's BigLovely on November 4th which will be streamed by Joe's Pub. That'll be a time to gather and sink into what comes next, there's a lot of good work yet to be done.

Wishing everyone safety and wellness. <3

Summer 2020

And happy Juneteenth, summer solstice, and happy get-free. We lift up the names of those who have taken too soon, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Andres Guardado, Sean Monterrosa, Oluwatoyin Salau, Elijah McClain, to name just a few. To those waking up to the ongoing struggle for equal access to a dignified and safe life, welcome! To those who've been flexing at this for a long time, thank you for your work. Our efforts, our inquiry, awareness of the disparities some folks labor under, our presence with one another - our willingness to be uncomfortable, and give up some privileges. Our willingness to do our homework and learn about what we don't already know. We donate to organizations that are doing good grassroots work. Make those calls to lawmakers when our social justice siblings call on us. We can intentionally create a safer world for all and it just takes a little effort, especially if we have a lil extra money or time to give. Thank you for being willing to step into a new world in a time of crisis.

In June: I'm tickled to offer some music for Lavender graduation at a CUNY here in NYC - to all my graduating young folks, I celebrate you - y'all shine like diamonds. Also very excited to get to make some music with twin as Onliest for the first time in a few months! We're in BAAD's Out Like That festival as part of their music night on June 25th. Lastly Onliest makes an offering in WOWCafe's Virtual Pride performance on June 27th. All performances happening via Zoom to keep us all connected and safe. :) Happy Priiide! May your summer be fruitful, safe, and may we continue to connect with those efforts and folks that are paving the way for a more just world.

Continuing to rep these orgs below - email me your faves, and I will lift them up! RAICES doin that good work for detained folks at the border. RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison).

Stay safe - see you all on the other side.

Spring 2020

Hello family,
Wishing everyone safe space and as much wellness is accesible during this time of crisis. Especially to the unhoused, to the folks whose work requires them to not shelter, folks without appropriate protection, resources, immune-compromised, the incarcerated, the vulnerable, the folks with fewer choices about how to carve out wellness at this moment. To my folks sheltering alone: solidarity fistbump!

There are some organizations doing cool work to support at-risk folks. I hope if you are safe, and you got a lil extra, you can find time to look for organizations to support the vulnerable. There are many (vulnerable) - by design. Let's do what we can to interrupt that disproportionate impact. RAICES is doin that good work for detained folks at the border. RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison) is doing work around the safety of incarcerated folks - just a starting point. If you can, please also support those workers advocating for better safety conditions at the workplace. Imagining better for us all.

Grateful to the artists and DJs right now who are going live and giving life while many of us are sheltered in place. Your art is a gift! Thank you to DJ Rimarkable, Ian Friday, and the Illustrious Blacks just to name a few (tip your DJ!!!). Support your favorite musicians by buying their music on Bandcamp - they'll see a lil more coin. Buy art from your favorite artists (shout out to Joi Sanchez (TheGodIsArts) for a new piece I get to put on my wall). Shout out to Alice Sheppard for her beautiful project 'Where Good Souls Fear', recently released - must watch. The poets, the dancers, the visual artists, thanks for sharing what you got to make our days a little bit easier or more thoughtful.

Stay safe (and stay home, if you can, in the US, where stuff is ongoing). Hope to see you all on the other side.

For Your Ears:
Title track from my EP Believer
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Title track from my EP Believer